Christmas with the Rice’s

Just a few pictures of our gorgeous and elaborate decorations. And by gorgeous and elaborate, I really mean sparse and really old. Old in a bad way, ha! I’m not really sure why, but our only Christmas decoration is the tree. And a tiny nativity. Not even lights on the outside of house. I really do love Christmas though. I guess I would rather spend $30 on some mediocre tasting Swiss Chalet than on a nice Christmas decoration that will last years (unless Benny throws it across the room and breaks it). I really don’t understand my thinking. But maybe after the holidays when the décor is on sale I’ll start up a Christmas décor collection.

For now I will leave with a few pictures of our lovely ornaments. My In-laws gave us all of their old ornaments, so we have quite a few “retro” or “vintage” ornaments on our tree. Like this sweet plastic gem:

And this… thing… dead bear? A hairball a cat coughed up? I’m not sure. But every year I bug Scott about it and tell him it needs to go in the garbage. Well… this year my oldest son, Clark, plucked it out of the box and with a look of awe upon his face said “Wow, look at this Mom!” I’m sure you can imagine the triumphant look on my husband’s face.


Here is an example of a nice old ornament. Of course all the really nice ones are mine;)Oh and that paper ornament beside the star? It is Scott’s and has somehow lasted 25 years. Mind boggling.


This is one of my favourites. This is from Clark’s first year of play-school. The look on his face!

Wasn’t that snowfall we got a couple of days ago beautiful? I just had to take photos with the softly falling snow. But I lacked a model and a beautiful snowy forest. Instead I took my cute -as -a -button three year old in his mismatching winter gear  into our ugly backyard. I was still happy with the outcome.

Edmonton Wedding Photographer :: Andrea & Chris’s August 11th Wedding

I’m back at blogging!

I photographed Andrea and Chris’s wedding way back in August. They had a lovely ceremony followed by a wonderful reception at the Derrick Club. They are such a kind couple. I loved how they went to each table and handed each of their guests a delicious cupcake. I know they were delicious because they gave me one too! I do have a weakness for fancy cupcakes. There were so many personal touches and I loved the black and Pink. Also I know I don’t need to point out the obvious, but isn’t Andrea stunning? ! Her dress is so beautiful and looked perfect on her! It even had pockets.

It was a beautiful day! A big thank to Tiffany Panas for second shooting for me!




So I’m officially finished wedding season. I’m always amazed at what kind, beautiful and easy going couples that I get to work with! A big thanks to everyone! I did have a minor set back these past few months. I became quite sick. All I could do was take care of my kids basic needs and sleep. So needless to say I got behind on my editing. I’m so thankful to all my fabulous clients for understanding, they are seriously the best!

 Oh, and the reason I was so sick was because I’m pregnant with baby Rice #4!! Yes, I may be a little bit crazy, ha! But I am really excited for another baby.

So because I will have a giant family, I am making some changes to Rice photography. From now on I will not be accepting new clients for portraits. This includes family, newborns, kids, etc. I will be specializing in weddings. That is where my heart is. I absolutely love shooting weddings. I will also only be taking a limited number of weddings each year. So there it is! I also hope to blog the rest of the gorgeous weddings from this year!


Thank you everyone!

I’ll leave you with a sweet picture of my already big belly: 15 weeks and notice the beautiful palm trees! My husband and I took a little trip to San Diego and it was so awesome!



Kathy and Austin: July 14 2012

Kathy is practically family. She is my brother in laws sister. IS that kind of confusing? My sister is married to her brother. SO we share the same niece and nephew. Anyway, it was a treat to be able to photograph their wedding. They were married in the Edmonton LDS Temple. Their reception was held at the Blackfalds community centre. I loved the black and white theme. There was also a twist of Mexican added in with a couple of sombreros floating around, as well as cute mini hot sauce bottles as favours. They both love eating at Mucho Burrito and Taco Del Mar (they must be kindred spirits with me!) so for the dinner they had delicious tacos. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. They also had chips, salsa, and guacamole on each table. I was in heaven! Anyway, enough about Mexican food.

They were so easy to work with and Austin was such a sweet husband. When I was taking the bridal pictures he kept telling Kathy she looked like she was out of a bridal magazine. He was just in awe of Kathy, seriously warmed my heart. To be fair, she really did look like a model. The bridal party was so fun and great to work with. And the dance at the reception was off the hook! Haha,  is that even a cool saying any more? My husband says it all the time. You might see a few dancing pictures with a guy I call “moustache man.” He looks angry in some pictures, but that is just his dance face. He was dancing like a total boss. THe highlight of the evening had to be when the DJ played my Neice’s favourite song from Yo Gabba GAbba. SHe was adorable and so were all the adults dancing along with her. Thank you so much Kathy and Austen!


August 13, 2012 - 2:54 pm

nancy - You are the best….Where were you for Susan’s wedding? See you on the long weekend….

August 15, 2012 - 2:20 am

Diana Melnyk - Such amazing pictures!! Thank you for capturing so many wonderful moments.

Pretty Flowers

I have really been loving having flowers in my house lately. I usually keep an empty baby food jar with flowers in it, in my office. Makes editing photos that much more enjoyable. My Mother in law often buys me flowers, which is where that beautiful bouquet of pink roses cam from. Yes, you read that right, my Mother in law buys me flowers. I know, I’m pretty lucky. I kind of discourage Scott from buying me flowers because I’d rather spend the money on a new shirt or food, but if come from someone else’s bank account, I love them!  Next year we will have a yard and then I can have a beautiful flower garden and have my own flowers!

F a c e b o o k