Lori and Sam

Lori and Sam were married on January 12th in the brand new beautiful Calgary LDS temple. I was really looking forward to shooting on the temple grounds. The light was beautiful and it wasn’t too chilly either. Brides are always so tough and Lori was no exception, she kept saying how she wasn’t cold.  Lori and Sam are such a chill and laid back couple, so easy to work with! I actually grew up with Lori in our little village called Rosemary, which is where the reception was held. It was held at the same church I had my reception at 9 years ago! The vintage country decor was gorgeous!  Also, be sure to check out Lori’s beautiful bouquet made by Add Love. As well, a big thanks to Kristy from Kristy Kay Photography for photographing the guys getting ready, some of her photos are included below.



Personal Project

I’ve started a little personal blog. One of my favorite things to photograph are every day moments. So I’ve started to do this with my own family. Even though I don’t photograph families any more, I could  be convinced to do a lifestyle session with these kinds of pictures. I just love them! Feel free to follow my little project, Life of Rice: http://ricelife6.blogspot.ca/


Hi everyone! I am holding a little contest. Just follow the steps below. When you have finished and commented on my blog, your name will be entered into a draw. Let me know if you have any questions!



This is the photo on facebook that you need to share, just go to Rice Photography and click on the photo and then click share:

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Justin and Evelyn

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Chantelle & Ryan // Edmonton Wedding Photographer

Ah! Where to start with this wedding. How about… I loved it so much! Even though I was still in my “morning” sickness phase, I was still able to go over 12 hours. I am a powerhouse! Ha! Of course I couldn’t have done it without my second shooter Jayson, a big thanks to him!

I was able to scope out the ceremony and formals location before hand with Chantelle and her mother. Another family farm. That is three this year, how lucky can I get?!  It gets even better, the ceremony was held in an abandoned country church, just outside of Thorhild. The church hadn’t been used in 28 years. The last time it was used was for her brother’s christening. Her friends cleaned the church out for them as a surprise and they did such an amazing  job. I didn’t see it before, but I could not tell at all that the church hadn’t been used in years. The wood was gleaming and it was perfectly clean! What amazing friends!

As I said before, we did formals around the family farm and then we headed to Westlock for the reception. I loved how all of the details of the day were sentimental. From her bouquet which was made from her grandmothers old brooches, the old church, the Bison meat at the dinner was from their farm, the potatoes in the décor. Yes Potatoes,  because Chantelle loves them so much. We must be kindred spirits because potatoes are one of my favourite foods!  I could tell how much their friends and family meant to them. The maid of honour also was able to perform part of the ceremony.  It was such a wonderful day, thank you so much for having me along!



January 11, 2013 - 1:03 pm

Nikole - These photos are so wonderful. I feel like I was there.

January 25, 2013 - 6:30 pm

lina - would be awesome to win


This is a post about flowers. Bridal bouquets to be more specific. I LOVE flowers and I love taking pictures of bouquets.  One of my favourite bouquets was actually made entirely of carnations. I saw it while second shooting for the talented Nikole Bordato. It had yellow and white carnations bundled tightly together and right in the middle was one pink rose. Ah! So lovely! But seriously, who would have thought carnations? Okay I admit, I love carnations. Especially peach coloured ones.

There are so many beautiful flowers, peonies, roses and hydrangeas are some of my favourites. I also love the use of unique greenery. I’ve posted a few of the bouquets I’ve photographed over the past few years. I know I have more, unfortunately I don’t have access to one of my hard drives right now, which has some of my previous weddings on it.

I have started a little flower board on Pinterest if you would like to follow. As you can tell I’m a little partial to peach and coral flowers.

There are two bouquets tied for the most unique bouquets I’ve shot. Chantelle (below) and Elresa’s. I don’t have access to Elresa’s pictures right now (her wedding was a few years ago), but their wedding post is on my old blog. Just follow the link and you won’t miss how extraordinary her flowers were. They matched her dress and theme of the wedding so perfectly and I loved the way she carried them.  http://ricephotography.blogspot.ca/2010/08/elresa-and-mike_31.html

Chantelle’s bouquet was made entirely of her grandmother’s brooches. What a wonderful keepsake she has now. Don’t you just love it?


I LOVED the flowers at Lisa’s wedding, not only in her bouquet, but for her décor as well. Definitely one of my most favourites. She had peonies in beautiful glass jars at the tables, you can see them in the original blog post if you click on Lisa’s name:) (photo on left courtesy of Nikole Bordato Photography).


I love the flower combination in Beth’s bouquet. Look how lovely those white tulips are!


Audrey’s flowers were wrapped in burlap which matched the vintage theme of the wedding. The bridesmaids carried these handmade clutches instead of flowers, cute!


Stacey’s flowers were wrapped in zebra print ribbon which went along great with her black and pink theme.


Red and purple, not a colour combo I would ever think of going together, but look how gorgeous these bouquets are! Cassandra has very good taste!


Yellow lillies for Jamie and her bridesmaids. One of my most favourite colours.

Shawna had elegant white with pops of purple for her flowers. I also love the greenery used. I’m no expert so I’m not sure the name of those leaves.


More purple! Purple was a really hot colour these past few years. I love all the different flowers and shades of purple in Ashley’s bouquets.


And if you want to see even more gorgeous flowers, check out this post on Belle: http://www.bellethemagazine.com/2012/07/25-stunning-wedding-bouquets-part-7.html

F a c e b o o k