Still Here

I just know EVERYONE has been wondering what has been going on with Rice Photography. I would rather just post my next wedding with no explanation, since I’m sure no one really cares. But I feel weird leaving months long gap. There is really no big reason why I have not blogged in a while. Mostly it’s because I have four kids. Also I just felt like I needed to take a break, not like a deep soul searching break. Just a normal break. Also right now I hear my two youngest children playing in the bathroom upstairs and turning the tap on… so scared to go up and see what’s going on right now.

But I love photography and have missed sharing my photographs. I try not to post too many photos on Facebook because people don’t really care. But I’m pretty sure I fail at that though…because Instagram. (You can follow me it’s mostly bad selfies, bad hashtags and my kids.)

So after all that rambling, here are a few of my favourites from the past ten months starting with family vacation last August, all the way until last Sunday when my Husband took a nice photo of me.












Kara and Joel

I’m still trying to catch up on my 2013 weddings! And since it’s almost fall again…  Kara and Joel had a beautiful and fun fall wedding in Vegreville.  I’ve shot in Vegreville a few times, and It’s such beautiful town.  Kara and Joel were so wonderful to work with. Thanks for having me!

Also thanks to Nikole for taking photos of the men getting ready.



Melanie & Jeff //Edmonton Wedding Photographer

So I am back to blogging. And Melanie and Jeff’s wedding took place almost a year ago in August of 2013. Whoops!

Mel and I went location scouting a week before the wedding and I was so excited and my head was filled with so many great photo ideas. But then it rained all afternoon of their wedding day. We needed to use plan B. So we did photos at a beautiful greenhouse. In the end, I was so happy with the photos in the greenhouse, that I forgot all about my earlier ideas for outdoor photos. On the way to the reception the rain finally stopped so we took a few outside. I loved your wedding Melanie and Jeff, thanks for having me!

And thanks to Eileen for second shooting for me!









Jillian & Tyson // Calgary LDS Wedding Photographer

Jillian and Tyson’s wedding was extra special for me. Jillian is my cousin! Our dad’s are brothers. I was so happy when I was asked to photograph their wedding, that I said yes even though I was officially on maternity leave. So many cousin memories, mostly involving playing super nintendo at Jillian’s house when we were kids! Also they had a really awesome inflatable pool in their backyard that I was jealous of. Since I grew up in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere, we would stay at their house when we would go to the big city. It was always very exciting! I always loved going to their house.

They were married in the beautiful new Calgary LDS temple. It started raining as soon as family formals ended, but I actually really love the photos on the temple grounds with the umbrella. As you can tell from the photos, Jillian has a million watt smile. When I had her be “serious” in some of the photos, I hardly recognized her, she really does smile all the time! And Tyson’s red hair. He atoumatically fits into the Hall family with his coveted red hair. I’m already jealous of their future babies which I know will have red hair.

Thanks so much you two for letting me be a part of your day!

Oh and I guess I should explain the cardboard cutout. This is a cardboard cutout of Jillian’s little sister, Lauren, who was unable to be there due to being on a mission. So she hung out all day with us, occasionally creeping people out. I think she scared everyone in the house that morning because she looked so real!



This is when a grasshopper was crawling up Jillian’s dress. I thought it was a spider so I was freaking out too!


The bridesmaids and groomsmen having dance party… look at those moves!

F a c e b o o k