So I decided to update my photo in my about me section (click on the tiny photo of me on the menu bar). My old photo was me without my glasses. But I ALWAYS wear glasses when I am shooting a wedding. I just can’t wear contacts for more than a few hours. I wanted to represent what I usually look like, so I had Scott (my husband) take a new photo of me. I have only recently felt pretty wearing my glasses. I have always equated me wearing glasses with me being un-attractive (I don’t feel that way about other people wearing glasses, just me). If you scroll down you can understand why I think this. I have been wearing glasses since grade four. When I was a teenager I finally saved up my babysitting money and bought a pair of contacts the summer before grade ten. I thought for sure once I got my contacts ┬áthat boys would finally pay attention to me. Yeah… I was wrong. Oh well, I grew up in a village of 300 people so it was slim pickings. (no offense to any of my guy class mates who are most likely not reading this!) Since grade 10 I almost never wore my glasses. I was sure they made me un-attractive. In fact, Scott didn’t see me wear them until we were engaged. But I’ve done a total turn-around and I LOVE wearing glasses. They are like an awseome accsessory which hides my dark circles after being up with the baby at night! You can count on me never getting laser eye surgery because I really love them that much. Also Scott told me he could smell burning eyeballs when he got his done. Um… no thanks! Oh, and If I ever have a few thousand dollars hanging around you can be sure I’ll be spending it on camera equipment … or a sweet trip, not surgery!


Me on the right as a cute eight year old before my giant glasses ruined my sweet little face. My first pair of glasses were so classic. Which kid in 1994 didn’t have these sweet frames?

Me on the left in grade 9 before my ultimate makeover. Then me on the right after my contacts in grade eleven. You better believe boys were lined up around the block to date this hot babe in the monkey shirt! What in the name of all that is good and happy is going on with my hair? The 90′s were so awesome!


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