Christmas with the Rice’s

Just a few pictures of our gorgeous and elaborate decorations. And by gorgeous and elaborate, I really mean sparse and really old. Old in a bad way, ha! I’m not really sure why, but our only Christmas decoration is the tree. And a tiny nativity. Not even lights on the outside of house. I really do love Christmas though. I guess I would rather spend $30 on some mediocre tasting Swiss Chalet than on a nice Christmas decoration that will last years (unless Benny throws it across the room and breaks it). I really don’t understand my thinking. But maybe after the holidays when the décor is on sale I’ll start up a Christmas décor collection.

For now I will leave with a few pictures of our lovely ornaments. My In-laws gave us all of their old ornaments, so we have quite a few “retro” or “vintage” ornaments on our tree. Like this sweet plastic gem:

And this… thing… dead bear? A hairball a cat coughed up? I’m not sure. But every year I bug Scott about it and tell him it needs to go in the garbage. Well… this year my oldest son, Clark, plucked it out of the box and with a look of awe upon his face said “Wow, look at this Mom!” I’m sure you can imagine the triumphant look on my husband’s face.


Here is an example of a nice old ornament. Of course all the really nice ones are mine;)Oh and that paper ornament beside the star? It is Scott’s and has somehow lasted 25 years. Mind boggling.


This is one of my favourites. This is from Clark’s first year of play-school. The look on his face!

Wasn’t that snowfall we got a couple of days ago beautiful? I just had to take photos with the softly falling snow. But I lacked a model and a beautiful snowy forest. Instead I took my cute -as -a -button three year old in his mismatching winter gear  into our ugly backyard. I was still happy with the outcome.

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