About Chelsey

My name is Chelsey Rice. I am a wedding photographer here in Edmonton.  I think It’s important for photographer and client to mesh well. You know, since we’ll be spending quite a bit of time together! So I’ll tell you a little bit about myself.

I was raised in a small village of around 300 people. I’m the oldest of five kids. I’ve lived in Edmonton for 13 years and I love it here. I am a city girl for sure! It’s imperative for me to be within 10 minute driving distance to a McDonalds at all times, because you never know when those cravings will hit.

There are three little boys, a girl, three rabbits and a hot man living in my house.  I have been married since October of 2003. We got married when I was 19 and he was 22. I still feel like the luckiest woman around because I nabbed him before anyone else did.  Loud music is a must in the car, unless it’s my husbands music, then I want to turn it off…

I really love Rabbits

It goes without saying, But I love, love, really love photography. It brings happiness into my life. 

I wouldn’t consider myself a funny person, but I really love to laugh. I often look up funny stuff on the internet to make myself laugh. My hobbies include: napping (it’s a real hobby!), looking at showhomes, watching Netflix, painting, reading, and cruising around on the back of my husband’s Motorbike. 

Some things I wish I was good at: Cleaning my house, singing, exercising, math and waking up early. 

If you are still reading and haven’t fallen asleep, then I think we are a good match, and you should send me a message! Thanks for reading! 



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Above Photo courtesy of Photography By Kels

      Photograph courtesy of my Husband 

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